Naturist Massage by David
...the most relaxed massage

A Naturist Massage

  • What to expect during the massage

    You are welcome to be entirely nude, or not as you wish, during the treatment. If you are at all cold, I will gladly cover areas not being worked on.

    I am a life-long naturist. My wife and I run a naturist bed and breakfast where nudity is normal. For naturists the human body is entirely natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

    During an initial consultation, on your first visit, you will be asked a number of questions regarding your health and medical history to be sure that you will be able to receive a massage treatment. Rest assured that information given is treated in the strictest confidence. It may well be necessary, with your permission, to refer your case to your GP or medical specialist before doing anything.

  • Potential for misunderstanding

    If at any time before or during (after is too late) the massage you are uncomfortable with the idea of me working in sensitive areas or if you feel the work will be invasive - just let me know and I will avoid them.

    A full and complete massage of either sex is not without the potential for misunderstanding. Unlike spa or beauty massage a naturist massage allows full access to all areas of the body. Spa and beauty massage therapists are trained to maintain their clients modesty by keeping areas not being worked on covered at all times, some refusing to massage between navel and knee. The areas usually covered up are the genitals, buttocks and/or breasts. These areas are neglected in the interest of avoiding giving offence.

  • The course of the massage

    A full-body massage, as I do it, starts on your back working from the shoulders, across your buttocks to thighs, legs and feet. On your front I work upwards starting with thighs, legs and feet, then abdomen, chest, arms, shoulders, neck, and head.
    Lymphatic drainage is blended with the general muscle strokes.

    Most massage strokes used are: longer spreading and softening; deeper specific pressure; wringing or cross-fibre; vibration and draining motions.

    Ladies, unless you request otherwise, breast massage will be part of the upper torso routine.
    Gentlemen need not concern themself about becoming aroused, I've seen it all before!

Please read the following sections carefully as you may consider some strokes too invasive or personal.

  • Pelvic Girdle

    Central to walking, running, balance and has connections with all your core muscles where your strength and posture originate. Numerous muscles attach at front, back, top and bottom of the pelvis, all involved in balance and motion and, as such, do not deserve to be omitted. Back muscles attach at the pelvic crest and the spine or sacrum. Abdominal muscles attach to the top of the pubic bone and upper edges of the pelvis. The buttocks are formed by the big muscles running from the hips to the sacrum and pelvic crest. Major front, back and inner thigh leg muscles attach to the pelvic crest and the lower edges of the pubic bone.

    The Groin

    The groin is a reference to the junction area between the lower abdomen and the thigh on either side of the pubic bone, also known as the inguinal region. The central part of which is the inner thigh area consisting of the adductor or groin muscles. A pulled groin muscle usually refers to an injury caused by straining the adductor muscles.

Areas you may prefer me to avoid

  • Inner Thighs

    The adductor muscles (those running down the inner thigh) are connected to the bottom edge of the pubic bone very close to the genitals on both sexes. Strokes are superficial and soothing then deeper pressure and cross-fibre work.

    Inguinal Creases

    There are clusters of lymph nodes around the creases across the tops of your legs front and back, beside your genitals and, under your buttock cheeks. Here vibration and draining movements are used. The perineal zone, between the anus and genitals, is generally only touched upon lightly as the lymph nodes are drained.


    The gluteal muscles are the large muscles that make the shape of your buttocks. They attach to the pelvic crest, sacrum and occasionally the coccyx finishing on the thigh. The main strokes are, long pulling from the thigh to the top and central edges, small circular strokes in lines across each side and a ringing action on each cheek.


    There is little in the way of muscle here with skin tension providing support. There are, however, numerous lymph nodes on the breasts radiating out from the nipples. All strokes here are light and away from the nipples with circular movement of the whole breast replacing vibration.

  • If in doubt

    Once again, if at any time before or during (after is too late) the massage you are uncomfortable with the idea of me working in sensitive areas or if you feel the work will be too invasive - just let me know and I will avoid them.