Naturist Massage by David
...the most relaxed massage

Benefits of Massage

  • Faster recovery from injury

    Recovery from injury is brought about by increased blood-flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage and passively exercising body parts it may be too painful to move by yourself.

  • Faster recovery after operations

    Pre- and post-operation massage greatly improves the amount of time taken to recover from surgery by the means described above. It can also help to reduce scarring as the fibres that have been invaded knit together more quickly with gentle massage. A small amount of stretching and massage keeps circulation working properly whilst convalesing speeding up recovery.

  • Greater flexibility and range of motion

    Passive stretching of muscles helps to recover full range of movement within joints even after protective patterns have been in place for some time.

  • Better circulation and Lymphatic Drainage

    Better circulation is not only involved in pumping blood round the body but also in eliminating waste products. Fatty acids build up with work and exercise and need to be flushed through the system. Those molecules that are to big to pass into the blood stream are sent back via the lymphatic system. this system benefits greatly from the stimulation that massage provides and aids the cleansing between cells all over the body and removes and processes invading disease. Good lymphatic drainage also aids tired muscles in recovery.

  • Improved skin condition

    Improved circulation means more oxygen getting to and waste products being removed from the skin cells. More oxygen means healthier more flexible skin through production of sebum (our natural moisturiser) and a proper acidity to the skin for protection from germ invasion.

  • Well-being and vitality

    The feeling of pleasure and relaxation received from massage aids the whole body in feeling more energetic. Muscles move better, joints work more smoothly, aches and pains reduce all leaving you feeling revitalised all over. Sleep can improve and headaches reduce with the resulting feeling of well-being making you feel quite different, relaxed and happier.